From Students:

Compostion Book“The best professor I ever met” (ESL Cinema, Spring 2010); “..Of all, my favorite [class] to come” (FYS 100, Fall 2009); “A hard-working teacher”  (FYS 100, Spring 2010); “I absolutely loved the class and would take it again anytime” (FYS 100, Fall 2009); “Love your motivational and upbeat discussions” (FYS 100, Fall 2009); “Great teacher—very cooperative and understanding. Made the class interesting” (ENG 235, Spring 2009); “Professor Joella is a dedicated, talented professor. He was always available for advice or instruction” (ENG 235, Summer 2008); “I felt the best part of the course was the teacher.  He is probably the best I have had to date…” (ENG 235, Summer 2008).

“Professor Joella brought positive energy to each class, and my fellow students and I were encouraged to voice our opinions on anything. It’s never enough to simply say yes in a class, but students in my classes typically spewed out answers much more detailed than one word. The material was certainly engaging enough, but I feel it was Professor Joella who truly brought the class and the subjects to life” (Student, Fall 2012).

From Supervising Faculty:

“…as a teacher of writing as well as of literature Dr. Joella is both accomplished and flexible.  He can teach, and teach effectively, courses ranging from developmental English, through the usual composition sequence for entering students, to creative writing and the reading and writing about sophisticated literature…Dr. Joella has…been a terrific teacher.  Because Dr. Joella is an excellent poet, he regularly teaches sections of creative writing, and creative writing was the last course in which I observed him.  I was absolutely delighted with what I saw.  The students were eager to work together to improve each other’s work.  The oral critiques that I heard were observant and nuanced, but there was no niggling or carping or criticism simply for the sake of criticizing.  Dr. Joella guided the discussion deftly and, again, positively, urging the students to emphasize points to improve rather than points to denigrate.”

Regarding ESL Training:

“When he became director [of ESL], the Program was a bare sequence of English language courses, but he converted it into a well-integrated series of courses in American culture as well as in English.  In the language courses, moreover, he worked to institute a well-considered assortment of courses that take students towards mastery of the new language and some familiarity with the culture.”

Regarding Editing and Project Completion:

“Dr. Joella proved to be an invaluable consultant in his service on the English as a Second Language Writing Online Workshop (ESL-WOW) Advisory Committee. As a member of this nationally-recognized panel of authorities on English, he provided much-needed expertise. I directed this project and can attest that he also contributed substantially to the development of materials for the project. In all cases, he showed professionalism and collegiality in working independently and meeting deadlines.”

Regarding Writing Workshops/Training:

“Ethan led a fiction writing seminar for us, and everyone in class raved about the manner in which he instructed the class. His approach was caring and encouraging, and he taught the participants much about fiction writing. The final products were outstanding, and many have requested his return!”

“One of the highlights of the class was the fact that Gail and Ethan, accomplished writers themselves, never came across as the experts there to show us the way. Rather, they experimented along with us, crafting their poems and sharing them at every class. I, for one, felt totally comfortable in this atmosphere…This class stands out for me as the best poetry class I have ever taken.”

“The whole team thought the workshop was refreshing and loved it! It was a great review of the situations we deal with on a daily basis and being able to share our experiences as a group was helpful.” ~Holly Monaco, Big Fish Grill, Rehoboth Beach